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Marketing, Advertising & Strategic Partner to Build Brand Value.

Assist Pharma Enterprises to Manage Brands, Therapies & Product Portfolio, with an Objective to Increase Market Share and Profitability.

Marketing Planning : To Prepare Marketing Plan in Terms of Customer Need, Marketing Rationale, SWOT Analysis & Brand Marketing & Sales Objective, Market Segmentation (eg. Doctor Specialty Wise),with an End-Objective of Improving and Building Business Turnover and Profitability.

Marketing Strategy : In Terms of Product USP, Product Promise, Product Differentiation, Product Positioning, Target Indications, Pricing & Retailing Strategy and Promotion, Communication & Marketing Input Strategy.

Strategy Implementation : To Inculcate Field Force work Discipline and Bring Sales Accountability by Providing Cyclic Promotional Programs and Administering Work & promotional Activity Analysis To Bring Sales Success & Build Brands.

Design & Deliver Marketing-Promotion Inputs & Activities :

  • Product Benefit Conceptualization & Medico Marketing Copy Writing
  • Creating Marketing Inputs : To Enhance Brand Awareness & Visibility to Improve Sales & Build Brands. Visual Aid, Promotional Literature, Sampling Plan, CME Inputs, Brand Sales Promotion idea & Reminder Inputs and Trade Promotion Inputs.
  • Website Domain registration, Web Designing & Web Hosting for corporates as well as Corporate-Cusomers/KOLs

Facilitate Pharma Startups to Build Business Success, Profitably.

  • Developing Overall Business, Marketing and Sales Management System, Process, Policy & Procedures for an Effective, Successful & Profitable Business Operation.
  • Assist in Organizational Restructuring for Business Development and Improving Marketing & Selling Effectiveness.
  • Suggesting Product and Product Portfolio to Strengthen Business Operation, Sales Volume, Field Force Productivity and Overall Profitability.

PharmaAdds : Adds Value to Pharma Operations